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In addition to our statutory events, we host numerous seminars, study sessions and conferences every year.

IFLRY is a proud advocate and implementer of Non Formal Education (NFE) and this approach underpins the majority of our event activities. Non Formal Education is a unique and inclusive technique for learning that uses a variety of methods to ensure that all those present get to participate in and contribute to the learning process.

Formal Education is the type you receive in school. There are teachers and students and the latter learns from the former. Informal Education is the way you learn things in your day to day life. Like when you find out about IFLRY through talking to a friend. Non Formal Education is somewhere in between. A structured learning environment is created, but it concentrates on the exchange between participants and facilitators in a two-way dialogue.

As we are a global organisation, our NFE activities tend to become especially interesting and fun because the participants are drawn from such a wide range of backgrounds with many different experiences.

If you’re interested in attending one of our events, keep an eye out in the calendar to the right. We will also list our statutory events there as well as any events being hosted by our Member Organisations that international participants are invited to.

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