Call for Participants – IFLRY Female Leadership Academy 2021 – August to October 2021, Rabat, Accra, Beirut

Dear Female Leaders, We are happy to announce that the registrations for the Female Leadership...

Who are we?

IFLRY –  The International Federation of Liberal Youth is a federation of liberal youth organizations from all around the world. Our aim is to promote liberalism and globalise freedom! On this website you can find more information on who we are and what we do!


Amanda Kanange

Amanda Kanange


Protecting the right to opinions, life choices, or expressions that differ from the majority is difficult without having footsteps to follow in. Standing up for a vision of an equal society in a system that perpetuates inequality is burdensome without support. And to find the right tools to be an activist is challenging without having others there to guide you. This is why IFLRY exists. IFLRY represents the collective voices of youth from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries who unite in the common goal to globalize freedom. This means that we are at the forefront of defending ideals such as human rights, democracy, and diversity together. Through our activism, being a global community of support, and facilitating cooperation, our collective voices become a force to be reckoned with. If you want to be a part of our mission of standing for freedom around the world then come and join us!