IFLRY is an organisation driven by its volunteers. If you support our values, we need you.

Our elected Bureau, Programme Managers and their teams are all offering their time voluntarily. We could always do with extra support, so take a look through some of the opportunities below and get in touch if you’re interested in any:

  • Passionate about a particular issue? Take a look through our Programmes and see if your ideas have a place there. If you’re interested, contact the Programme Manager about joining the team.
  • Got an idea for a new programme altogether? Just get in contact with the Bureau for your proposal and maybe you can become a new Programme Manager.
  • Are you an aspiring writer? Get over to Libel and start blogging. If that’s not enough for you, why not consider joining the Editorial team? You can help seek out more stories and manage the blog.
  • Want to work on a project or campaign? Reach out to another one of our members from somewhere else in the world and propose a a joint initiative like a twinning project, joint-campaign or co-hosting an event.
  • Want to be involved in all of this? Great! Then maybe you should consider running for the Bureau. We have elections coming up very soon in March 2016.

As always, if you’re looking for support on any of this just get in touch with the Bureau.

More in this section:

Attend Events

Find out what we’ve been up to lately and what’s coming up next.

Discuss Online

Find out how to keep up to date with us and join the online debates.

Support Us

Find out how you can support us by donating or funding a particular area of work.