The current Bureau of IFLRY has started a consultation process to seek input for the Plan of Action 2014-2016. A Plan of Action serves as a guiding document for the Bureau and the Federation as a whole. It is also a measure to hold the Bureau accountable for its mandate. If you want to contribute to this process, read this article.

The IFLRY Bureau 2014-2016 wants to place the Plan of Action into a broader strategic framework. In order for the Federation not to shift course every second year with a new Plan of Action, it is crucial to take into account the progress already made by previous bureaus, but also develop a vision that lies beyond the limits of our mandate. This makes sense even more so on a practical level, when certain tasks started by a previous bureau are not yet finished.

So, in order to succeed with its overall aim and mission, IFLRY must achieve some continuity in its strategic planning. The IFLRY Bureau 2014-2016 therefore wants to build ahead on the Plan of Action 2012-2013 and reinforce its overall strategic mission, “IFLRY is an effective and sustainable organization that serves as a network for liberal youth organizations that wish to advocate their ideas on a global level”.

With slight modifications in the titles and to some extent the outreach of the Plan of Action chapters from 2012-2013, the current IFLRY Bureau proposes the following main strategic areas for 2014-2016:

1. A more Globally Present IFLRY

2. IFLRY as an Effective Advocate

3. IFLRY Capacity Building & Education

4. IFLRY Sustainable for the Future

The consultation is therefore mainly made within the framework of these four strategic areas. This will allow better and more concrete input from the member organizations, stakeholders and partners to the IFLRY Bureau, when drafting the new Plan of Action.

If you think of anything that does not easily fit into the four strategic areas, you will be able to voice this as well. The consultation is kept rather short in order to have a higher response rate. We hope to receive your input before 15 March. Your input will feed into a draft Plan of Action which will be again circulated for further input and comments. Any additional comments and/or questions about the Plan of Action can be directed to IFLRY President, Christian Scharling.

You can find the Consultation Form here. We are grateful for your input. As a Member Organization, Stakeholder or Partner you are truly the foundation of this Federation. Do take this opportunity to influence it!

The questions below are for quick reference only. They are all part of the Consultation Form.

1. A more Globally Present IFLRY

A – Which regions should IFLRY focus on in its global work and why?

B – How can IFLRY grow – beyond the regional approach – in its global outreach?

C – Any other comments for IFLRY to become more global and present?

2. IFLRY as an effective advocate

A – Which platforms, institutions, organizations etc. should IFLRY focus in its advocacy work and why?

B – What should IFLRY include in an effective advocacy strategy/plan?

C – Are there any specific themes IFLRY should focus on in the next two years?

D – Any other comments for IFLRY to become a more effective advocate?

3. IFLRY Capacity Building & Education

A – What do you expect IFLRY to offer in terms of educational work?

B – What aspects of capacity-building and educational work should IFLRY focus on?

C – Any other comments for IFLRY to be even better at its capacity building and educational work?

4. IFLRY Sustainable for the Future

A – What should IFLRY do or reform in order to be a sustainable organization for the future? Can you mention specific methods?

B – Which areas of a well-functioning organization should IFLRY focus on? (E.g. communications, financial matters….)

C – Any other comments for IFLRY to be a sustainable organization for the future?

5. General comments for IFLRY’s Plan of Action 2014-2016


6. What is your vision of IFLRY in 2020?