General Assembly, Conference & Bureau Elections
IFLRY will hold its 39th General Assembly in Istanbul (Turkey) from 14-17 April 2016. The General Assembly will gather Member Organisations from all over the world. The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of IFLRY and will among other things deal with:

• Elections for the IFLRY Bureau 2016-2018
• Statutory changes
• Resolutions
• Membership Applications
• Finances

A Conference titled, ”Refugees: Welcome?” will take place on 15 April. Already, a draft programme and agenda for the statutory meetings and Conference can be found below in the general documents section.
Registration for all events can be found here .

In connection to the General Assembly and Conference, a Seminar on youth in decision-making processes will take place from 9-14 April 2016. The participants of the international seminar will be considered for trainers in local activities in the following months, as IFLRY plans to dedicate the whole of 2016 for the theme of youth participation. Read more about the Seminar and apply at the dedicated Seminar page.

Participation Fees
GA + Conference + Seminar – 160€
GA + Conference for up to 6 delegates from member organizations – 120€
GA + Conference for guests, extra delegates and delegates from suspended member organizations – 160€
Seminar only – 100€


Bureau Elections
The IFLRY Bureau is encouraging all its Full Members to nominate candidates for the IFLRY Bureau elections. Please contact outgoing IFLRY President Christian Scharling if you’re interested and want to know more. Also, the Bureau will host an online Q&A Skype session on 16 February 2016 on the obligations and opportunities of being in the IFLRY Bureau. Register directly with outgoing IFLRY President, Christian Scharling.

IFLRY is not able to cover visa costs. Please check if you need a visa to enter Turkey. Find visa information here.  Please contact the IFLRY Office if you do.

Travel reimbursement
There will be no travel reimbursement available for those only participating in the IFLRY General Assembly and Conference. However, delegates who are also or only participating in the Seminar, will be eligible for a travel refund to be announced on 14 January 2016. The IFLRY Office is able to provide you with a cover/support letter, should you wish to privately fundraise your travel.

General Assembly volunteers
Please note that Standing Committees on Statutes, Resolutions and Finances will be opened. The IFLRY Bureau is also looking for other volunteers for the positions of General Assembly Chairs and Scrutineers. If you’re interested in one of these positions, please indicate this to the IFLRY Office.

Bureau Candidates Promotion
Candidates running for the IFLRY Bureau are welcome to advertise their candidatures (for example through Social Media, webpages etc.) ahead of the Bureau elections. IFLRY has published candidatures for each applicant (CV, Motivation and Member Organisation Cover Letter) in the ‘documents’ section below. If you have any questions contact IFLRY Office at

Deadlines & timeline overview
Timeline (all dates are 11:59 PM GMT London time)

14 January 2016:   Registration for All Events Opens
16 February 2016: Q&A Skype Meeting on Bureau opportunities & obligations (7 PM GMT London time)
3 March 2016:       Submission of Membership Applications, Manifesto, Statutes & Rules of Procedure Amendments, Motions to Suspend and Disaffiliate Members
10 March 2015:     Publication of Membership Applications, Manifesto, Statutes & Rules of Procedure Amendments, Motions to Suspend and Disaffiliate Members
14 March 2016:      General Assembly, Conference & Seminar Registration Deadline
17 March 2016:     Submission of Bureau Nominations (CV, Member Organisation Cover Letter & Motivation Letter)
24 March 2016:     Submission of Resolutions & Publication of amended Budget 2016, all other financial documents, Auditors Report, 2015 Annual Report, Office Report and Bureau Reports
31 March 2015:     Publication of received Resolutions
14 April 2015:        Submission of Urgency Resolutions

All proposals and nominations by Member Organisations should be sent to the IFLRY office by e-mail.

General documents
All documents concerning the General Assembly can be found in this section. Please check back regularly for more documents being uploaded.

GA Programme, updated 15th April 2016

Conference Program, updated 14th April 2016

GA/Conference/Seminar Invitation, 5th February 2016

Seminar Invitation, 5th February 2016

Membership Applications, 10th March 2016

Membership Issues, 10th March 2016

Changes to the Rules of Procedure and Statutes, 10th March 2016*

Bureau Candidate Information 18th March 2016 (updated 15th April 2016)

Annual Report 2015, 24 March 2016

Bureau Report: Christian Scharling, 24 March 2016

Bureau Report: Ahmad Al Rachwani, 24 March 2016

Bureau Report: Bobby Dean, 25 March 2016

Bureau Report: Frerik Kampman, 5th April 2016

Bureau Report: Daniel George, 12th April 2016

Bureau Report: Stanislav Anastasov, 14 April 2016

Bureau Report: Danylo Korbabicz, 14 April 2016

Bureau Report: Mane Manukyan 14th April 2016

Resolutions, 29 March 2016 (first update 7 April 2016; second update 13 April 2016)

IFLRY Climate Change Programme Report, Letter to MO’s and Plan of Action, 31st March 2016

IFLRY Gender Equality Programme Position Paper 15th April 2016

GA Programme v2, 16th April 2016**

IFLRY EC Santo Domingo Minutes, 8th April 2016

Motion on Membership Framework, 14 April 2016

Auditor’s Report, 14 April 2016

Urgent-Resolution-1-IFLRY_SatireResolution_JuLis 14th April 2016

Urgent Resolution 2 JOVD IFLRY Resolution on the 2016 Nagorno-Karabakh border incidents 14th April 2016

Urgent resolution 3 JOVD IFLRY Resolution on the Venezuelan Economic Crisis 14th April 2016 (Voted against, not to be discussed)

General Assembly 2016 Published Minutes 3rd May 2016

*Submitted by the Statutory Working Group, the Bureau and the proposing organisations.

** The agenda was previously uploaded as part of the programme


Adopted Resolutions