Latin America

The Latin America Programme is IFLRY’s main regional programme focusing on Latin America. This initiative not only works on a particular situation in a country or in the region, but also is interested on spreading freedom values and ideas through different Latin-American liberal organizations, looking for working close with them and developing projects and activities related to the liberal youth agenda, making emphasis in freedom, human rights, democracy, free trade, young entrepreneurship, participation in the decision making process, public policies, among others topics, and also working together with other IFLRY Regional and Thematic Programmes.

Understanding the complexity of our region and the different realities that it lives, with democratic countries like Colombia, Argentina or Peru, but also with authoritarian regimes like Venezuela’s, Cuba’s or Bolivia’s, it is necessary to rescue the role of young people as a way to combat populism, militarism and other historical wrongs we have suffered. During the last two years we made known the Programme and we have built an important community with people from Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, Netherlands, Finland, Canada and the United States. We want to grow and become stronger, taking advantage of a changing region like Latin America, with a huge potential for freedom values and ideas.

The Program Managers are Redolfi Juanma ( and Deborah Bizarria (

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