Female Leadership

Female leaders are all those women who impress, inspire and make you want to excel, evolve and progress continuously. Mentor or idol, some women – far from clichés – inspire us with new desires to move the world forward and overcome the various inequalities that hamper it. Female leadership is also a series of extraordinary journeys that push us to always give the best of ourselves, to one day become a woman leader ourselves.

The IFLRY FEMALE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME (FLP) is a great opportunity to promote the work of our female liberal leaders and it also provides their members with good foundations to better understand the vital role played by women in human progress and their significant place in our societies. During this program, the members will benefit from experiences and advice shared by female leaders and they will enhance their own leadership presence and impact as leaders in their communities and internationally.

As a global organization, we encourage diversity and we welcome everyone who is interested in this topic. Let the female leadership programme begin !

The Programme Managers are Kawtar Mawas (K.Mawas@hotmail.fr) and Thando Xaba (thandoam.xaba@gmail.com)

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