Climate Change

The IFLRY Climate Change Programme (CCP) works to increase knowledge and engagement about climate change within IFLRY member organizations and to elevate liberal youth perspectives in various international fora. The CCP develops policy resolutions, campaigns, seminars and regularly attends meetings such as the Conferences of the Parties.

Climate change is the greatest threat to humanity and its consequences jeopardize freedom and prosperity for many generations to come. Its consequences are not faced by those responsible — rather, it is the people who have the least responsibility for climate change who face the consequences. With member organizations all over the world, IFLRY members are experiencing different consequences of climate change.

IFLRY works towards globalizing freedom and addressing climate change is an important factor to be able to globalize freedom. As an international organization, we can increase the focus on climate change internationally.

The Programme Manager is Perla Hernandez . Feel free to contact her at if you have any questions!

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