Privacy Policy


The International Federation of Liberal Youth (hereinafter IFLRY) is a federation of liberal youth organizations from all around the world. Our aim is to promote liberalism and globalise freedom. 

IFLRY fully respects your right to privacy, and will not collect, process or publish any personal data about you other than as set out in this privacy policy. Any personal information, which you provide to IFLRY will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality. Your privacy both offline and online is of the utmost importance to us.

This privacy statement discloses what information we gather and how we use it. In particular, our privacy policy is in accordance with current European data law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


What is the purpose of the data collection and how is it used?

We collect certain information you voluntarily provide to us, such as when you send us an email or sign up to receive email updates, connect through a social feed, fill out a form, request information, or apply for a vacancy. If you give us consent to contact you, for example by ticking a check-box to receive our newsletter, IFLRY may use the information you provide to contact you. If you provide your contact information for other purposes, for example as an international officer or as a member of the IFLRY Council, you agree that IFLRY may use the information to contact you in the future and for administrative purposes. 

International officers are appointed by our member organisations and are the head representatives for each member organisation. The IFLRY Council consists of the Bureau members, the Office, who are employed by IFLRY, and by a team of Programme Managers that are appointed on a voluntary basis by the Bureau.

IFLRY will not contact you for any other purpose other than one that is in accordance with the promotion of the purpose of IFLRY. The specific purpose of collecting the data is disclosed when the data is being collected. 

Who has access to the personal information? 

Only a limited group of people has access to the personal information collected by IFLRY.  These people are the office, the bureau and if needed, the council. The people with access will always be as limited as possible and the data will only be shared with relevant people to fulfil the purpose of the data collection. The personal information is only accessed when there is a specific need for it. It is our policy not to share the personal information we collect from you with third parties, except as described in this document or as otherwise disclosed.