While our participation in the signing ceremony of LI manifesto in Andorra, Pauline Kastermans IFLRY president addressed the congress:
Dear liberal friends,

Allow me some of your time to share the perspective of youth on the manifesto. After all, the manifesto should reflect the future.

First, the manifesto includes some explicit points that are important to us, the International Federation of Liberal Youth.
Especially fiscal and ecological responsibility towards future generations.
The biggest challenge is ahead of us.
We are facing the problems of climate change, environmental degradation, the disruptive effects of technological advancement on the workforce, unparalleled levels of debt.
This manifesto offers how we, liberals will tackle and ultimately solve these problems.

Then more generally, I would like to emphasize the theme of the manifesto, as it focuses on creating a brighter and a better future.
It is in line with the positive and optimistic outlook that we liberals share.
And this is the spirit that we want to spread amongst young people.
Just last year we saw the two oldest candidates in the history of the US elections, both promising ideas from the past.
But, it is important that people continue believe in the power of progress and change.
And stop being complacent…because there is nothing worse than a complacent youth.
This manifesto stands for the opposite. It stands for dynamism and excitement for the future.

Please allow me to close with a call to action for the membership, the people in this room to especially focus on these two aspects of the manifesto when we talk about liberalism in the 21st century.

Thank you.