Pool Of Trainers

IFLRY’s Pool of Trainers

IFLRY’s core assumptions in conducting educational activities are based on the Non-Formal Education (NFE) approach, where all the players are involved in the learning process. This process is highly interactive and enables peer-to-peer knowledge exchange between the team and participants and the participants themselves.

IFLRY Pool of Trainers is a group of young liberal trainers with diverse skills and knowledge areas, but shared qualifications in non-formal education.  The Pool of Trainers programme recruits young activists from IFLRY Member organizations for the period of one year. They are trained by IFLRY to be trainers and facilitators in NFE activities and are expected to lead international and local activities within the Federation.

The current Pool consists of 20 individuals from 16 countries of the world. They are led by the Pool of Trainers Manager and are actively engaged in the preparation, organization and delivery of trainings, seminars, study sessions within IFLRY and its programmes during the year. The Pool of Trainers Programme actively cooperates with other thematic and regional programmes to provide expertise and facilitation to various events. At the end of the term the trainers are evaluated and provided comprehensive feedback to further develop their skills in this area.