Free Trade

The Free Trade Programme equips IFLRY Member organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge in free trade advocacy through various events, promotes better public understanding of trade through campaigns, and facilitates a youth dialogue on free trade. The Programme also delivers activities on other economic issues relevant to the youth such as employment and entrepreneurship. Liaising with international organizations and other NGOs, the Programme represents the economic outlook of IFLRY as a liberal youth organization fighting to globalize freedom on all levels.

The Programme in general is a meeting point for everyone who is interested in the topic of Free Trade. We believe that diverse experiences and backgrounds help us to find innovative ideas and groundbreaking concepts. Therefore, you are always happily invited to share your thoughts. For us, it is our top priority to transport our findings into global- and member organizations in order to transform current shortcomings and make the world a more liberal and better place.

The Programme Manager is Vitold Dvorak. You can contact him at