Free Trade

Free Trade Programme equips IFLRY Member Organisations with the necessary tools and knowledge in free trade advocacy through various events, promotes better public understanding of trade through campaigns, and facilitates a youth dialogue on free trade. The Programme also delivers activities on other economic issues relevant to the youth such as employment and entrepreneurship. Liaising with international organisations and other NGOs, the Programme represents the economic outlook of IFLRY as a liberal youth organisation fihghting to globalise freedom on all levels.

Some of the provisional activities of the programme for the year 2016-2017 include but are not limited to structured youth dialogue in Latin America, Africa and Asia in cooperation with IFLRY regional programmes and local organsiations, public awareness campaigns on FTAs, delegation in international youth events with focus on trade or other relevant economic issues, and policy position debates in prepation of the annual General Assembly and other IFLRY events where the issue-specific input of the Programme will be an asset.