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Member Organisation input required!

We invite all our member organizations to submit comments and suggestions to the position paper. The position paper should be a guideline and an inspiration for MOs to what liberal climate policy is and should be. Thus, we want to hear from all of you, before the next Executive Committee, where it will be considered. We have already incorporated some of your comments from the conference in Vienna, but would like to give you yet another opportunity to influence the version that will be proposed to the EC.

As an international organization, some MOs may deal with different issues than others, and the position paper should represent liberal solutions for tackling climate change across the world. Some suggestions may be relevant for all of you, while other suggestions may be more relevant for some MOs. We hope you can help us develop this further, so that we can create a position paper with liberal policy for the different issues that our different MOs may face when it comes to climate change. Please see the current position paper here: IFLRY Position Paper on Climate Change.

Please send your suggestions to IFLRY Vice-President Danylo Korbabicz (danylo.korbabicz@iflry.org) and Climate Change Programme Manager Tone Bjørndal (tone.bjorndal@iflry.org) by 15th October.