IFLRY joins the African Liberal Network (ALN) in condemning the recent arrest threats made against the liberal party of Tanzania, the Civic United Front (CUF).

The arrest threat was issued by the Inspector General of Police to CUF’s leader, Seif Sharif Hamad, for the crime of spreading hatred against the Zanzibar Government. Under Hamad’s leadership, CUF are the main party of opposition in Zanzibar itself.

The ALN has condemned these threats as anti-democratic and against the African Union’s Charter on Human and People’s Rights. Commenting yesterday the ALN said:

“As liberal democrats, we hold to the firm conviction that any individual or group has the inalienable right to be critical of their government. It is the government and state which must account to the people, and free thought and speech, with tolerance, must be permitted on all accounts especially where the state fails to uphold human rights.”

IFLRY stands by the ALN in calling for the authorities to end their harassment and threats against all opposition leaders, and supports CUF’s call for inclusive dialogue on the Zanzibari political situation and continued fight for democracy and free speech in Tanzania.