IFLRY has lots of opportunities to send delegates to international events and most recently we have representatives in Mongolia, Egypt and France.

The Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) held their climate change communications seminar and Youth camp in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from the 19th-22nd of September. Our Programme Manager, Tone Bjørndal, attended the seminar on behalf of IFLRY.

She delivered a presentation on Promoting Climate Change Awareness through New Media and Social Media. In the presentation she highlighted three ways to communicate Climate Change awareness:


IFLRY Climate Change Programme Manager, Tone Bjørndal at the CALD event

1.We should try to focus on the positive things

2.Knowledge sharing is the key to a better understanding of the issue

3.Telling a story that people can relate to, is a good way to communicate a difficult topic.

Find out more here at #iflryclimate. Or read the report on the website of CALD.

Meanwhile, Vice President Ahmad El-Rachwani attended the Board Meeting of AYUFD, our regional partner in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, in Cairo, Egypt. Talks took place on how to draft a Plan of Action and in general organize yourself as a regional/international Bureau.

Finally, twice a year we send a representative to Strasbourg, France to assist the ALDE-PACE group with its work in the Council of Europe. This time, IFLRY intern Jockum Nyberg attended and he felt that it was a really productive trip, describing it as ‘an eye-opening experience’ and stating that in just a few short days that he learnt a lot and met very inspirational people. Why not contact Jockum to find out more about his experience?