Organizers on Russian side:

Nikolay Artemenko, campaign manager
Konstantin Golokteev, independent political observer and activist

The mission:

To experience the real political landscape in St Petersburg (Russia) and to come to independent conclusions on the Presidential Election in Russia in 2018.

The activities:

Participants will have the possibility to visit electoral commissions, meet with independent media representatives, acting politicians, regional and municipal authorities. And, of course experience the long election night with local activists in St. Petersburg.

The guarantees of independence:

The organizers will make all the efforts in order to arrange everything necessary to ensure the possible sources of information are available for participants, including meetings with party officials, representatives of Candidates, mass-media, NGOs etc.

Whom we look for:

We do not mind about gender, nationality or religion. Anybody who is looking for fair information on elections in Russia is welcome. The only limitation is age, due to legal restrictions participants must be 18+. Also, the organizers will limit the group to around 10 people for feasibility reasons.

Dates and duration:

The events will take place from 16 to 18 of March.

The program:

March, 15, Thursday

Arrival of participants, accommodation, welcoming addresses.

March, 16, Friday

Seminar on election process in Russia: features of campaigning, federal and regional agenda, main participants. Prospective of political developments after Election Day of March, 18.

March, 17, Saturday

Meetings with politicians, NGOs, medias. Discussions with candidates’ representatives and with leadership of election teams in St Petersburg:

– Pavel Shvets, head of Growth Party in St Petersburg

– Dmitry Naumov, coordinator of Observers of St Petersburg movement

– (TBD), Alexey Navalny team

– (TBD), Ksenia Sobchak team

– to be continued

March, 18, Sunday

Visiting polling stations, meetings with citizens and journalists, wrap-up night session on election results.

March, 19, Monday

Departure of participants


Rules of participation:

The organizers will try to organize accommodation for the participants of the fact-finding-mission. They will also supply invitations for the correct type of Visa for such activities. However, they will not supply any refunds for travel and / or visa-fees. So please be aware that participation is self-funded. If you are interested, you can apply for participation in the fact-finding mission under the following link: