On 26 April a 7.6 Richter’s scale earthquake hit Nepal, making the epicenter Barapak, Gorkha. Due to the massive destruction caused by the devastating earthquake Nepal is going through a mournful situation.

Till date, 228 aftershocks with two major ones (7.3 and 6.8 on the Richter’s scale) took the lives of 8,461 citizens, with 16,808 injured and a staggering 416,359 people homeless.

Within 24 hours after the earthquake various government and non-government organizations took the initiative to support victims from the eleven affected districts. As part of our social responsibility Youth Initiative mobilized more than 300 volunteers in different districts of Nepal to support survivors in various ways.

After the earthquake all kinds of people involved with Youth Initiative, whether be that as Civic Leadership graduate, Local Youth networks, Citizenship and Voter Education Champions, Smart Club, and other volunteers delivered support to the victims of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Nuwakot, Kavre and Sindupalchok. The Civic Leadership School graduates and Local Youth Networks were actively involved in collection of relief material. Up to today, Youth Initiative volunteers directly supported 500 families with relief.

Looking ahead, Youth Initiative is planning to support affected Village Development Committees (administrative entities in Nepal) with rehabilitation. The International Federation for Electoral Systems, and different national and international individual donors supported us to continue with relief and rehabilitation.

-Youth Initiative is a full member of IFLRY. Sarita Bartaula is YI’s president. If you are interested in supporting Youth Initiative during this difficult period, get in touch with them: info@youthinitiative.org.np