You know how to create a catchy design and incorporate a powerful message in it. Your magical titles can stop scrolling. The easiest task for you is to find common ground with people who even don’t follow you. Creativity, analytical thinking, and an open-minded approach are your basic characteristics. Have you recognized yourself by reading these lines? If yes, then welcome to our social media team!
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The responsibilities of members of the Social media team are:

  • Prepare social media strategy
  • Create a content plan every month for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts
  • Design supportive material for upcoming events (graphics, video, etc).
  • Maintain communication with followers
  • Widen the network of social media partners
  • Fulfil your creative ideas.

We can’t promise free biscuits in the office, but the chance to work with the hottest topics and make youth voices more impactful is guaranteed!

If you have any questions regarding the process of the work of the Social media team, feel free to get in touch with our Vice-President Yevheniia Fedotova (

If you are interested, please send a short motivation letter and links to your social media to by January 24th.