IFLRY is seeking for team members of the Caucasus Programme. Working with the IFLRY Caucasus Programme Manager, members of this team will meaningfully contribute to the struggle for a free, prosperous and democratic Caucasus.

This contribution will involve communicating and liaising with civil society groups, international organizations as well as donors and implementers in the Caucasus’ process; write articles about the situation in the Caucasus; and organize trainings and solidarity projects for partners and fellow youth activists in all three south caucasus countries.

The IFLRY Caucasus Programme is striving for an intensive improvement of public awareness by campaigning for democratization & conflict transformation on- and offline. Skill-wise, command of Russian / Georgian / Armenian /Azeri will be considered an asset.

If you are passionate about democratization projects, conflict transformation, liberal economic development and human-rights advocacy: consider applying for the IFLRY Caucasus Programme Team!

For additional information on the work of the  Caucasus Programme please contact Caucasus Programme Manager Inge Snip (inge.snip@iflry.org).

Please send your applications including a CV and a short motivation letter to Inge Snip (inge.snip@iflry.org) and Stanislav Anastassov (stanislav.anastassov@iflry.org) no later than August 20th 2014. Please note that your application has to be sponsored by an IFLRY member organisation.

PDF version: Call for Team Members Caucasus Programme