We are now opening applications for passionate young liberals amongst our member organizations to lead one of our programmes for the upcoming term. Our programmes are the ideal way for you to bolster your understanding of a certain political topic or region, to interact with lots of interesting and motivated people from all around the world, and to enhance your skills in terms of organizing teamwork and leadership.

We are considering applications for Programme Managers for the following Programmes:

  • Belarus & Ukraine
    Bureau Buddy: Yevheniia Fedotova (yevheniia.fedotova@iflry.org)
  • Caucasus
    Bureau Buddy: Michel Nentwig (michel.nentwig@iflry.org)
  • Latin America
    Bureau Buddy: Pau Vico (pau.vico@iflry.org)
  • Female Leadership
    Bureau Buddy: Amanda Kanange (amanda.kanange@iflry.org)
  • Climate Change
    Bureau Buddy: Michel Nentwig (michel.nentwig@iflry.org)
  • Free Trade
    Bureau Buddy: Michel Nentwig (michel.nentwig@iflry.org)
  • Human Rights
    Bureau Buddy: Pau Vico (pau.vico@iflry.org)
  • Pool of Trainers
    Bureau Buddy: Bram Roodhart (bram.roodhart@iflry.org)
  • Libel
    Bureau Buddy: Sam Hudis (sam.hudis@iflry.org), Yevheniia Fedotova (yevheniia.fedotova@iflry.org)
  • IFLRY Ambassador
    Bureau Buddy: Amanda Kanange (amanda.kanange@iflry.org)

The responsibilities of the Programme Managers are:
– Official Contact Person for IFLRY on this topic/region
– Keeping track of Programme Members and Programme Vision
– Coordination of Programme Work (e.g. organization of events or seminars, resolutions)
– Motivation of Programme Members (through e.g. regular Zoom Calls)
– Reporting to the Bureau

If you are interested in applying, please send a cover letter giving your motivation and previous involvement with IFLRY, alongside your CV to office@iflry.org by the 24th of January 2021. Please also state a contact person in your organisation within your email.

If you have any questions regarding the process or the work as a Programme Manager, feel free to contact the respective Bureau Buddies directly or get in touch with our Secretary General Michel Nentwig (michel.nentwig@iflry.org).
We are very much looking forward to your application!