IFLRY has a well-established reputation for designing and delivering outstanding Non Formal Education trainings for young people across the world. We are looking for a Head of Pool of Trainers to assist in the launch and management of a formalised Pool of Trainers.

Through IFLRY’s extensive trainings we have established a network of outstanding trainers, some of which have been formally trained in Non Formal Education facilitation. Our aim is to formalise this network into an elite Pool so that we have a readily available group of individuals to draw upon in the future.

We have a draft framework in place and many candidates for inclusion within the Pool. To get this vital group off the ground, we are seeking a committed individual who will be able to drive forward its establishment and take pride in managing a group of talented people.

We expect:

  • Experience and understanding of Non Formal Education and the demands of being a Facilitator

  • A good leader and organiser of people, with an understanding of the necessity in creating a formal structure

  • The capacity to commit several hours a week to the project, in particular in the early part of 2015

To apply:

  • You have to be an individual member of an IFLRY member organization

  • Be able to participate in the first IFLRY Programme Managers meeting and training to take place between 18-19 December in Copenhagen, Denmark (travel dates are 17 and 20 December). Travel and accommodation will be fully covered. Do indicate if you are able or not to participate in the PM meeting. If you are not free, it will not affect your application but if your application is successful it would be good for you to join this meeting.
  • Send your CV and a short motivation letter (max 300 words) on why you should be the Head of Pool of Trainers.

Please send your applications to Vice President Bobby Dean (bobby.dean@iflry.org). Feel free to contact Bobby in advance for any questions you may have!

Deadline for application: Monday 1st December