Currently, free trade is facing a crisis. The US as one of the traditional leading free trade promoters are getting sceptical about free trade. The WTO does not play anymore a big rule and is replaced by free trade agreements. IFLRY does still believe in free trade’s benefits: Free trade is one of the most essential elements of liberalism. It encourages people all over the world to bring forward new ideas. They start to be entrepreneurs and create jobs. Free Trade promotes networking and results in peaceful collaboration between people in different countries. The more countries are connected by trade, the less they tend to have warlike conflicts.

That is why IFLRY decided to have two Programme Managers:

Nathan (Canada) and Alice (Germany)

Both of them are motivated to make free trade great again and you have the opportunity to be part of the Free Trade Programme.

As a member of the Free Trade Programme you can:

  • participate in drafting an Action Plan for 2017-2018, shaping the future of the programme
  • encourage internal debate in order to equip IFLRY
  • promote the Liberal case for free trade through various public campaigns
  • (co-)organise fringe sessions at IFLRY GA, seminars, training and/or study trips
  • write on trade issues under the programme affiliation
  • support the contact establishing to the WTO

What do you need to apply: Strong interest in international trade. We are happy about previous scientific or work experience in this field. But this is not a requirement.

If you are interested to work with Nathan and Alice, please send us:

  • your CV
  • short motivation letter (about 300 words)

The deadline is 8 April. Please, send your documents per mail to:

We are very much looking forward to your application!