We are now opening the call for application for a newly created platform within IFLRY, the “Bleeding Heart Liberalism” Initiative. Liberals are often confronted with the accusation of lacking the concern for the least well-off in society—that we are socially cold, so to speak. Yet, this is far from being true. Liberalism has a long history of thinking hard about the best and most efficient ways to channel and institute compassion in society. And this is what we would like to discuss with you. In our previous survey, many of you have indicated that they would like to exchange ideas about the welfare state, universal basic income, effective altruism, and the like within IFLRY. Thus, we are now staring a one year initiative that should encourage discussion on this topic.

While there are no concrete goals of the “Bleeding Heart Liberalism” Initiative, the Bureau will make sure that the discussions will be made accessible to a wide audience within the membership—and that they will reflected in our resolutions and focus. Besides exchanging experiences and thoughts on the topic, we will organize Skype Calls and expert sessions.

If you are interested in the topic, please send an E-Mail with your motivation and membership association to sven.gerst@iflry.org by April 15th. Please also state a contact person in your organisation within your email. There are no limits in regards to the maximum amount of applicants per member organization.

We are very much looking forward to your application!