Hi, My name is Filip Janevik and I’m coming from Liberal-Democratic Youth (Liberlano Demokratska Mladina-LiDeM) from Macedonia. Since LiDeM is a member organization of IFLRY, I apply to be their representative on a ALDE-PACE meetings.

ALDE meetings were held between 26st and 28th of June in Strasbourg, France as a part of Parliamentary Assembly of Europe (PACE).
This kind of meetings are used for better coordination and cooperation among MP’s who belongs to ALDE group in order to present the views and attitudes on entire group on a plenary debates.
I can say that this meeting were very interesting in a sense that Parliamentary Assembly is facing challenges that some parliamentarians describe them as “one of the biggest in more than 60 years of the history of the Assembly itself “. On the meeting on Monday president of ALDE group in PACE Mr. Jordi Xucla announced his decision not to be candidate for one more mandate as president on ALDE group. Debate was open about his decision but also for the upcoming resolution where main subject is how MP’s can find a mechanism how to dismiss parliamentary officials using legal instruments. Namely, since the visit of the president of parliament assembly Mr Agramon on Syria, there is a open debate about accountability of the elected officials. Within ALDE group discussion about secret/public vote and retroactivity took place and in a manner of thru liberalism conclusion was that every parliamentarian from ALDE group should vote based on their own will.  Since address of the prime minister of Montenegro was on the agenda as well, ALDE group prepare several questions about political situation in this country that were addressed to Mr. Dushko Markovic on a plenary session.

On the ALDE meeting on Wednesday 28th, guest was daughter of Boris Nemtsov, Zhanna Nemtsova. She describe the political situation in Russia with focus on Boris Nemtsov case. ALDE parliamentarians committed to follow the current process and to keep the case alive through constantly debate and asking questions that deserves answers from Russian authorities.

I had a chance to observe the debates on plenary sessions as well. Migration, fight against terrorism, principle of accountability on CoE, freedom of the media, fight against harassment of women on public spaces, were main topics for MP’s on a plenary debates. MP’s of the ALDE group took active participation on all of the debates.

My personal feeling is, if you are into politics and want to be familiar with decision making process in Council of Europe, then being IFLRY representative on ALDE-PACE meetings it’s a chance that you don’t want to miss. It’s unique opportunity to network with stakeholders from various countries who have influence on European politics as well. Furthermore I’m highly recommending to apply on next IFLRY call for their representative on ALDE-PACE meetings.