The IFLRY Bureau has decided to merge our Human Rights and Gender Equality programme to one Human Rights Programme incorporating both. These programmes continuously work on the core values of our  federation and uniting them will secure the work of IFLRY in the future. Therefore, we are looking for a new, fresh programme manager who will set the direction of the new programme. So would you like to represent IFLRY? Do you want to be  in the heart of our Human Rights work? Then apply!

The program has some primary focus areas that would be your area of responsibility – but you are always welcome shape the programme and its work with your own ideas


One of the core activities of the IFLRY Human Rights Programme is advocacy. As Programme Manager you are expected to proactively add to IFLRY’s advocacy network through external partners such as Liberal International’s Human Rights Committee, IFLRY’s presence at ALDE-PACE and IFLRY’s status at UN’s ECOSOC. Furthermore, the programme has its own profiles on relevant social media outlets – Facebook and Twitter- in order to vocalize IFLRY’s work and raise awareness on human rights issues globally.


The programme also has some central events to participate in and represent IFLRY at. Every February it is expected that the Programme Manager (together with team-members) plans and co-organizes the yearly Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy organized by UN Watch. This includes both organizing the IFLRY representation, IFLRY’s contribution to the summit and/or fundraising money for the participation. Also it is expected to look into the option of participating in the UN Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in mid-march.

Internal: Managing the Programme

As the programme leader you will set up a team of members for the program, organize regular meetings, divide tasks, and have regular contact with the Bureau member responsible for the Program. The current Gender Equality program has an active team of around 7 people. They have worked on developing an internal protocol on “unwanted behaviour” to, in the future, ensure a safe space for all participants at IFLRY events. It would be expected that you and your programme, once it is chosen, will continue to work on and with that.



For further questions you can always contact current Human Rights Programme Manager Daphnie Ploegstra on, current Gender Equality Programme Manager Laura Neijenhuis on and Vice President Nickolas Pagonakis on

Deadline: Send your motivational letter and curriculum vitae to by no later than Wednesday the 15th of November at 12 hour CET.